Choosing the right maintenance partner for your car is the beginning for a
long  life utility that you could derive from it.
At VIBRO DAMPERS ENGINEERING (VDE Shock Absorbers)  you are
assured of unparalleled quality that is backed by complete service
Exception, Reliability and Affordability (ERA).
VDE was started in 1999 to cater for the high demand for quality car
maintenance product and services.
  •  Regular oil changes are very important to keep your engine in a good shape.
  • Wash your car regularly, wax it once in a while to keep the car body shiny and free from corrosion.
  •  Take care of any minor concerns as soon as you can, so it won’t cause serious problems and an expensive repair later.
  • Use only genuine parts

VIBRO DAMPERS ENGINEERING is dedicated to provision of customer satisfaction in six major specialties that include:

Shock Absorbers

Heavy Duty Springs

Rubber Dampers


Shock Mountings

And Computerized Engine diagnosis.

You only purchase the spare parts from our onsite outlet and we do the fitting for free which is backed by a warranty facility.